10th Anniversary New Initiatives and Firm Updates

After a modest celebration of our 10th Anniversary last 18 August 2020, the Partners have decided on new initiatives:

1.       Unfreeze hiring of new lawyers. We decided to immediately hire 3 new lawyers. We are based in Muntinlupa City so we prefer hiring lawyers from south of the Pasig River and those who just took the oath as lawyers.

2.       Revive our Law Firm website, and update our reports. Even as we have been involved in highly significant cases and projects, we have avoided posting or commenting on them in our website. We have decided to change this policy, and shall now be posting the cases we are handling that are of public interest, of course with due regard to our laws on privacy and sub judice and related rules.

3.       We have elected our Partner Linus V. Madamba as Partnership Secretary. Apart from his work as Partnership Secretary, Linus will be in-charge of hiring new lawyers.

4.       We shall continue exploring new areas of law practice as we have decided to gradually depart from the traditional areas of lawyering, such as court litigation, into arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution, corporate rehabilitation and liquidation, mergers and acquisition, development of new capital sources, alternative energy development, telecommunications and public utility.

5.       We shall enter into more active involvement in the upgrading of the Bar through membership in bar associations and similar organizations, and continuing legal education.

6.       In light of the Covid-19 pandemic that has restricted movement and physical interaction, we have put up state-of-the art facility and system for video teleconferencing.

7.       We shall explore cooperative or correspondent relations with other law firms, especially those outside Metro Manila.

We undertake to make our news releases on a regular basis so we update our clients on our new initiatives.